Christine VanCott is a watercolor artist and children’s illustrator who creates small-scale dimensional paintings, prints and custom kids’ name art.

Her playful paintings are often composed in several layers, then hand cut and hand assembled for a 3-dimensional, pop-up book effect. Like a miniature storyboard, the background and foreground give each scene a sense of depth and natural shadow. Her work is tiny and cheerful, with small details and a free sense of scale and perspective.

Thanks for stopping in at IpsyDoodles.com! I’m excited to create a piece just for you –


postcardforweb_fairytale copy



2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I picked up a little piece of your art from the “free artwork” box on the greenway in asheville. Absolutely love it! I have a little camping van and it just fits in there and makes an empty corner happy. Thank you!

    • Hi Sylvia,
      That’s the nicest compliment possible & the perfect location! I’m so happy to hear it’s brightened your day. Thanks for finding me & thanks so much for sharing your story!

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