The Process

I want each IpsyDoodle piece to feel like a personal piece of art! The creative process is artsy, hands-on, time consuming & intentionally low-tech – here’s a behind-the-scenes look into my art studio.

process01-1Every design starts with an original watercolor painting. Often, the concept comes from you! I’ve coordinated crib fabrics, included favorite friends and personal hobbies. I’ll create a concept sketch – keeping in mind the layout and balance of the piece, and how any characters interact with the name lettering and with each other.

process02-1Next, I draw the design outline in pencil on a heavy weight, cold press watercolor paper. Then comes the fun part…I hand-paint the design using professional watercolors – and the characters come to life! Each design is painted in at least 2 layers – a background and a foreground, like a tiny 3-dimensional scene. Name lettering will be added on top, cut from heavy watercolor paper.

process03-1After the paintings are complete, I painstakingly cut each element out by hand (yes, with tiny sewing scissors!) and add a layer of acid-free foam between the background, foreground and any name lettering. My print series are created the same way – each is hand-cut and hand-assembled from a quality, heavy-weight cardstock with a nice, matte finish.

process04-1Each piece is assembled layer-by-layer, and the hand-cut lettering is attached. The finished effect is like a personal pop-up book: each layer gives depth and natural shadows. The finished work comes together with your child’s name – bordered by each tiny, detailed scene. In the piece below, each square is 2 1/4″, and each letter is 1 1/2″ tall.


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