Each of my pieces is a custom work of art created from my original watercolors. My techniques are intentionally low-tech: the paintings are hand-drawn and hand-painted and both the paintings and the prints are each personally hand-cut and hand-assembled. Learn about the process here. Click the themes below to see available images, prices & order form.

  • To request an available print theme (select below):

Dinosaurs Theme (print series):


Woodland Animals Theme (print series):


Safari Animals Theme (print series):


Fairy Tales (Pink) Theme (print series):


Fairy Tales (Blues & Teal) Theme (print series):


Sunny Farm (Pink) Theme (print series):


Sunny Farm (Blues & Teal) Theme (print series):


Seascape Theme (print series):


Flower Garden Theme (print series):



2 thoughts on “Order

  1. Hey,
    I ordered from you 2 years ago with the name THEA on Woodland animals. And loved it! I would like to order again but I have a question first. The name I want to do with the Woodland animals is BOONE. Can you make the name go straight across instead of a line with 3 letters and a line with 2 letters.

    • Hi Lou Ann, I’d be honored to! Thanks so much for remembering me & reaching out. I’m contacting you via email about your request, please let me know if you don’t receive my message. Thanks again!

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