What are IpsyDoodles?

IpsyDoodles are my custom kids’ name art. You can choose either a theme from my print series or have me create a custom watercolor for you featuring your child’s name.

What do you mean 3 Dimensional art?

I paint each design in several layers, then assemble it using an acid-free foam between each layer to give it depth and natural shadow. The lettering also has a layer of foam under it to make it stand out from the background.

So wait, you cut everything out by hand? Doesn’t that take a long time?

Yes. With tiny sewing scissors. And, yes. This is where the “art” comes in. The process is painstaking and intentionally low-tech. I want this to be a unique work of art just for you.

What’s the turn-around time for an order?

For prints, about 4 days. For original paintings, about 2-3 weeks depending on other orders. However, if you have an event date that you need a piece by, please let me know and I’ll try my best to accommodate you. I try to keep my turn-around time in a practical “gift” range.

What are the prints like?

My prints are scanned images from my original watercolor paintings. Each theme is printed on high-quality, heavy cardstock with a nice, matte finish. I hand-cut and hand-assemble each image personally, then layer them on heavy white watercolor paper. The name letters are also hand-cut from textured white watercolor paper.

I can choose which designs I’d like in my print piece?

Yes. Each theme has between 7 & 12 square designs to choose from that all coordinate – or I’m happy to just pick the squares for you. I sometimes change the backgrounds of the square so that the colors of the overall piece line up well.

Can you create an original painting for me that will coordinate with my child’s room, bedding or interests?

Absolutely! Use my Original Watercolor Request Form. I’ll ask you for some information about what you’d like in your custom piece – colors, themes & style – then create a one-of-a-kind work of art just for you. I’ve matched crib fabrics, included favorite travel locations, interests and family heritage, just please know that it’ll be in my illustrative, kid-friendly watercolor style. Each painting is personally hand-drawn, hand-painted, hand-cut & hand-assembled using heavy white watercolor paper and professional watercolor paints.

How big are the prints/paintings?

They’re small! The prints all feature 2 1/4″ squares. The paintings feature squares that are between 2 & 2 1/2″ squares depending on the size of the frame and the number of letters in the name. The finished size of the piece is determined by the frame.

How much do they cost?

Each work is priced by number of squares. Prints are $8/square. Original paintings are $25/square + a design fee. This does not include the price of the frame, tax & shipping.

What are your frame options?

I currently offer:

  • 6×6″ WHITE shadowbox frame
  • 10×10″ WHITE shadowbox frame
  • 6×14″ WHITE shadowbox frame
  • 9×20″ BLACK shadowbox frame

I don’t make the frames and I’m always happy to use your frame or research custom framing options for you. Because of the 3D nature of the art, they require a ‘shadowbox’ style frame.

How many letters can fit in each style of frame?

6×14″ horizontal frames can fit up to 5 letters across. 10×10″ frames can fit 3 letters in one row, 4 letters (in 2 rows of 2 squares), 5 or 6 letters (in 2 rows of 3 squares), and 7, 8 or 9 letters (in 3 rows of 3 squares). I recommend using maximum rows of squares even if the name is shorter so that it looks symmetrical. (ie, 9 squares for a 7-letter name). The 9×20″ frame is very large and I don’t recommend it for my 2 1/4″ prints unless an additional mat is added.

Can I see the work before I receive it?

Yes. I’ll take photos of your piece and email them to you for your approval before shipping or pickup.

What are your pickup options?

Please come visit me in Asheville, NC’s River Arts District! You can find me at the Pink Dog Creative, suite 100. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, I’ll be happy to arrange a meeting place for you to pick up your piece. Otherwise, I’ll ship the work to you via your shipping preference for an additional fee.

What are your payment options?

If you meet me in person, I accept credit cards or cash. Otherwise, I’m happy to email you a PayPal link.

Will there be other print designs available in the future?

Yes! I’m currently working on:

  • a Woodland Creatures theme in soft greys & blues – coming February 2020!
  • a Party Animals theme with llamas, koalas, sloths & some other quirky characters
  • a Pirate theme in red, blue and aqua
  • a Fantastic Voyage theme with hot air balloons, mechanical ships & a kraken
  • a European circus theme in red, blue & purple

And I’m happy to take suggestions! What would you like to see next? ipsydoodles@gmail.com or find me on Facebook and Instagram

I’ve got another question, how can I get a hold of you?

Email me! ipsydoodles@gmail.com

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